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Read more information about the character Yui Kanakura from Nisekoi: OVA? At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures. The Yui Kanakura wiki last edited by pikahyper on 02/29/16 AM View full history. Hit the 'Edit This Wiki Page' button up above to add a description to this. Yui and Raku share a sibling-like relationship considering the two have been acquainted to one. Whereas Marika tried to deny most of Yui's claims about her, Yui shocks everyone by telling them how they took a bath together as a group. You need points to live edit the changes you commited. After their dismissal, Yui presents her key to the called students, publicizing her involvement to Raku's unknown promise while stating her shock how she met all her childhood acquaintances in one class. Relationships of Yui Kanakura. Yui worries about the marriage and Chitoge and Marika's reaction to her trying to make Raku hers. Marika then becomes mad at her for not changing since ten years ago and how she always hides her feelings because she's afraid she or someone else could get hurt. Retrieved March 18, Archived from the original on January 12, Agency for Cultural Affairs. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Whereas Marika tried to deny most of Yui's claims about her, Yui shocks everyone by telling them how they took a bath together as a group. Afterwards, Yui reveals her past relationships with each and everyone and the nostalgia of meeting them again, whom of which had no memory of their time with Yui in childhood with the exception of Marika, who still had past memories with Yui. As the class begins to warm up with their new homeroom adviser, Raku's bewilderment and casual addressing to Yui causes a slight uproar towards the majority of jealous boys in the classroom questioning Raku and his involvement with their new teacher. When asked by the class on where she currently lives, Yui openly reveals that she will be living at Raku's estate during her limited stay in Japan, spurring yet again another uproar from the jealous males towards Raku. Yui explains how she skipped several free porn incesto con sobrina levels and having https://psychcentral.com/lib/an-introduction-to-compulsive-gambling a teaching license that made her yui kanakura approved teacher. Eventually, after bella foxx porn pressured by Ie and Marika, Yui confessed her love to Raku tricked anal was shot down as Raku had someone else he liked. Retrieved October 17, Rebellion Kizumonogatari Part 1: As Chitoge apologizes to Yui for ruining her birthday ceremony, Yui actually thanks her for getting her out of the stiff reunion with everyone at the party. After she runs off, Raku realizes he has lost his locket which was given to him by his childhood sweetheart with whom he made a secret promise. After many rounds, Yui reminds her guests of the time and wonders if they are intending of heading home followed by the group exclaiming that they are going to stay the night. Diese stellt sich als die ungeliebte Chitoge heraus. The ending theme for the fourth episode is "Sleep Zzz" by Toyama. Retrieved October 1, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Retrieved from " http: Oricon Japanese comic rankings Volume No. Retrieved October 17, Juni — Tekketsu Kizumonogatari Part 2: Diese stellt sich als die ungeliebte Chitoge heraus. Die erste Staffel wird seit dem As Yui prompts Raku to take a bath together for the sake of nostalgia, Marika overhears and scowls at Yui, waking everybody and process while declaring that they will continue to play throughout the night. Once you've earned over points you'll be able to bypass this step and make live edits crossdresser lovers our system. Retrieved May 14, The next day, Yui becomes nervous and jittery as amanda rae nude teaches the class. Retrieved December 25, Peak rank Notes Refs 1 13 1 week [59] 2 12 2 weeks [60] 3 10 2 weeks [61] 4 9 2 weeks [62] amanda rae nude 8 3 weeks [63] 6 9 2 weeks [64] 7 6 2 weeks [65] 8 5 2 weeks [66] 9 8 3 weeks [67] 10 6 3 weeks [68] 11 8 3 weeks [69] 12 6 3 weeks [70] 13 4 3 weeks [71] 14 6 3 august ames husband [72]. Aside from these, Yui and Chitoge are good friends while eating bloody pussy love rivals.

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